Manly – Watsons Bay Service to resume from 9th January

Watsons Bay & Camp Cove, Ferry

Our daily ferry service between Manly and Watsons Bay will resume from the 9th of January until 26th of January.

This service will then operate on weekends only from the 30th of January onwards. Opal Pay accepted.

Ferry service between Manly and Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay Towards Manly Arrival Times
Watsons Bay Manly Wharf 2
9:54 10:10
10:34 10:50
11:14 11:30
11:54 12:10
12:34 12:50
13:19 13:35
14:34 14:50
15:14 15:30
15:54 16:10
16:34 16:50
17:14 17:30
Departure times shown unless otherwise stated.
Manly Towards Watsons Bay Arrival Times
Manly Wharf 2 Watsons Bay
10:14 10:30
10:54 11:10
11:34 11:50
12:14 12:30
12:54 13:15
14:14 14:30
14:54 15:10
15:34 15:50
16:14 16:30
16:54 17:09
17:34 17:50
Departure times shown unless otherwise stated.

There’s a lot to love about Watsons Bay. It’s got lovely beaches, marvellous views and delicious seafood. Located on the South Head peninsula in Sydney’s east, it’s a delightful day out. Australia’s oldest fishing village is home to waterfront restaurants, great walking trails and a harbourside park perfect for family picnics.

Steeped in history, Watsons Bay is rich in indigenous and colonial heritage. Join Kadoo Tours for insights into Aboriginal culture and the bay area. A two hour guided tour through the clifftops of the Gap Bluff walking track will have you marvelling at the vast ocean as you walk by the spot where the full-rigged passenger ship the Dunbar shipwrecked in 1857.

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