Meet your new Smartcard

Enjoy discounted fares and faster boarding. Now with card management.

Meet your new Smartcard

Enjoy discounted fares and faster boarding. Now with card management.

Our new Smartcard will be available for all passengers once the pilot program is finished.

Benefits of our new Smartcard

Auto Top-Ups

Your new Smartcard allows you to set up auto top-ups. Gone are the days of queuing at the wharf to manually top-up your card!

New Mobile App

You can manage top-ups, view timetables and more through our new app or online portal.

Discounted Fares

Our new Smartcard provides you with discounted fares on our fast ferry services.

Adult & Child Cards

Are your children using our ferry to get to school? Our new smartcards are available for adults and children.

Faster Boarding

Our new Smartcard comes with a new ticketing system which will make boarding in general much faster.

Tap & Go

No need to queue for tickets. Simply tap and go and enjoy the journey across the harbour.

Manage your new Smartcard with our new My Fast Ferry app.

Our new app will replace our current timetable app MFF Info once the Smartcard pilot is complete.

Manage your new Smartcard with our new My Fast Ferry app.

Our new app will replace our current timetable app MFF Info once the Smartcard pilot is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

About the new My Fast Ferry Smartcard

From November 2020, we will be introducing a new My Fast Ferry Smartcard, replacing the older version that’s been in circulation since 2009.

The new My Fast Ferry Smartcard introduces a host of benefits, such as the ability to top-up and manage your card in real-time via our website or mobile apps. If you have an Android mobile device, you can even tap-on using our app!

Additionally, we will be introducing a Child / Youth Smartcard for those aged between 4-15 years old (up-to 18 when holding an active school ID).

Can I continue to use my existing (older) My Fast Ferry Smartcard?

Those currently using one of our older Smartcards will be able to continue transacting with the card until the current balance runs out. Once the balance runs out, you will be asked to transition to the new My Fast Ferry Smartcard as quickly as possible.

What will happen to the Masabi app where you can bulk buy tickets?

Like with our old Smartcards, you’ll be able to run your balance / tickets down over the next few months. At the end of this period we’ll reach out and look to credit / transfer any unused balance or tickets onto the new Smartcard. A refund may also be provided in-line with our ticketing Terms & Conditions.

What type of My Fast Ferry Smartcards are available?

We will be offering Adult (16+) and Child (4-15, up to 18 with valid school ID) My Fast Ferry Smartcards.

Please Note: Children under 4 years of age travel free of charge.

Where can I collect the new My Fast Ferry Smartcard from?

The new My Fast Ferry Smartcard can be collected from any of our sales staff at Manly, Circular Quay or from our crew on-board our vessels (min. top-up $25).

Our staff will also be able to assist you in registering your card, downloading the app and setting up your account.

How do I setup my account?

You can create an account and register your new My Fast Ferry Smartcard via our site or by download our new mobile app and following the prompts.

Topping up my Smartcard

All top-ups can be completed on-line via our new mobile app or
The minimum top-up value is $25 whilst the maximum account balance is $200.

You can also set up auto top-ups so your account automatically tops up when your balance dips below $10.

Does my account balance expire?

As per the standards Terms & Conditions, accounts which have not recorded a trip in the last 3 years may be cancelled.

I don’t need my card anymore. Can I have my balance refunded?

If you have no further use for the account balance, complete our enquiry form so we can assess your eligibility for a refund.

If your account has been cancelled due to inactivity, please contact us within 90 days else the balance may be forfeited.

Can I use the My Fast Ferry Smartcard on buses, trains and other transport?

No. The My Fast Ferry Smartcard can only be used on services operated by My Fast Ferry.

Can I have a Smartcard for personal and business purposes?

You can keep track of your transaction history yourself on the one card however if you need a clear transaction trail, we can provide you with a second card. As each Smartcard needs to be registered against a unique email address, you would need to have two email addresses e.g. personal and work in order to use this approach. It is your responsibility to identify each card and manage your transactions – we are unable to transfer transaction records across Smartcards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments & Fares

What are the alternative ways of paying for a fare?

You can purchase a ticket on our commuter services using your Opal Card (see Opal Pay) or by tapping on with a participating credit card, debit card or mobile wallet (e.g. Apple Pay). Paper tickets will still be available on selected services.

Additionally, tickets for most of our tourism services can be purchased online at

Please Note: Fares may differ based on the day, time of travel and payment method – for full details around current fares and offers, please visit and select the relevant service. Daily / weekly caps do not apply when using the My Fast Ferry Smartcard or Opal Pay.

Concessional Fares

There are no concessional rates for Smartcards.

Concessional rates (e.g. 60+) may apply when using Opal Pay. For full details around current fares and offers, please visit and select the relevant service.

Can I tap my partner / family on using one My Fast Ferry Smartcard?

Each passenger will need to have their own My Fast Ferry Smartcard. Additional travellers can pay for their fare via Opal Pay, a credit or debit card or by registering a My Fast Ferry Smartcard. Note: A minimum top-up of $25 applies.

What if I don’t have enough funds to start my trip?

You will need to top-up via the mobile app or our website – – prior to tapping on and boarding the vessel.

If you frequently use our services which recommend you setup “auto top-up” on your account.

Alternatively, you can pay by tapping a credit or debit card or by using Opal Pay.

How do I know if I’ve tapped on successfully?

The ticket gate will display a green activation screen after each successful tap, along with the value of the fare and your new balance.

I forgot to tap-on – what should I do?

Please speak to one of the crew on-board and they will arrange for your fare to be deducted.

I tapped on but decided not to travel. What should I do?

If you decide not to travel after successfully tapping on, you must speak immediately to one of our customer service staff on site who will arrange a reversal of the transaction for you.

How long does it take for top-ups and charges to show on my account?

Your account is online and real-time – successful top-ups and charges will be visible on your account almost immediately.

At what point will my auto top-up be activated?

If you have setup auto top-ups on your account, they’ll automatically be processed when your balance is <$10.

How can I view a summary of my trips?

You’ll be able to access activity and transaction summaries via the mobile app or our website:

Do I still receive a discount if I’m an NRMA member?

The current discount to NRMA members is only available when using Opal Pay. Refer to My Fast Ferry Opal Card discount for more information.

Will I receive a tax invoice when I top up?

If you top up online or via an unattended station you will need to refer to your bank statement where evidence of the transaction can be obtained. Additionally, you can view your recent transactions and trip history online via the mobile app, whilst 18 months of trip history can be accessed and downloaded from Tax invoices are available when transacting at stations attended by a My Fast Ferry employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Help & Support

The charges on my account look incorrect.

If you notice any incorrect charges on your account, please outline your concerns in detail via our enquiry form and we will respond within 48 hours.

The My Fast Ferry Smartcard is not working or is lost / stolen.

Speak to one of our sales staff at Manly or Circular Quay. They’ll provide you with a new My Fast Ferry Smartcard to keep you moving.

You’ll then need to notify us via our enquiry form so we can attempt to block your old card and transfer any available balance.

Where can I go for Help & Support?

Look out for any of our sales staff or crew during normal operating hours or submit your request via our enquiry form outlining your concerns and we will respond within 48 hours.

How can I update my personal or payment details?

Login to your account via the mobile app or our website:

I’ve forgotten my login details.

Click Forgot My Password and enter your email address and card number when prompted. A link to setup a new password will be sent to the corresponding email address. If you don’t receive the password reset email, try completing the process once more ensuring you haven’t mistyped the email address or card number.

How can I view and download my trip history?

You can view your most recent transactions via the mobile app whilst the last 18 months of trip history can be accessed and downloaded from

My Fast Ferry Smartcard

Terms & Conditions

  1. My Fast Ferry has a reloadable stored value smartcard system (Smartcard) which passengers can use to pay for My Fast Ferry and Fantasea tickets and on-board purchases. This is a completely different card and different system to Opal which is issued by Transport for NSW.
  2. Smartcards are issued by Manly Fast Ferry Pty Ltd ABN 90 135 008 070 (trading as My Fast Ferry) and can be used to make payment through any designated point of sale terminal (which is very similar to the credit card payment terminals used in shops) used by us and our related companies. You can use your Smartcard to purchase tickets as well as food and beverage.
  3. When you tap your Smartcard on the designated point of sale terminal you should wait until you get a confirmation message (don’t worry, it only takes a second).
  4. If you obtain or use a Smartcard, this entire document – which are the terms and conditions – applies to you.
  5. We may update these terms and conditions by publishing a new version on our website.

The Basics

6. (Smartcards can only be obtained from us) You can only obtain a Smartcard from us.

7. (Smartcards need to be registered) Smartcards need to be registered to you. You can do this online by setting up an account and linking the Smartcard to your account. You cannot use a Smartcard which is not registered to you. You can’t give your Smartcard to your friends and family for them to use.

8. (Smartcards won’t work unless you have topped them up) Smartcards only work if you have value on them which is at least the applicable ticket price (or in the case of food and drinks, the price of that food and drink). You can top up your Smartcard online or through our app.You can check your balance and set up automatic top ups online or via our easy to use app.

9. (Minimum top up $20 and maximum stored value $200) The minimum top up amount is $20 and the maximum stored value you can have on your Smartcard is $200.

10. (Adult and Child cards only) There are two types of Smartcard – Adult and Child. You can only use a Child card if you are under the age of 15. Everyone else must use an Adult card. Sorry, there is no seniors card. Parents or guardians who acquire a Smartcard for their child are responsible for the child’s use of that Smartcard. Children must cease to use a Child Smartcard when they turn 15 (unless they have a valid student card for secondary school, not tertiary).

11. (Tap on to buy a ticket) To use your Smartcard to purchase a ticket, you just need to tap on at the barrier (or on certain services once you are on board). When you tap on and the transaction is processed, the ticket price will be deducted from the stored balance on your Smartcard and your Smartcard is then your ticket for that trip. If you tap on and the transaction fails (which usually happens because there’s not enough stored value on the Smartcard) then you’ll need to either top-up online of via the app, or buy a ticket using another payment method. You do not need to tap off.

12. (Contact us if you have any issues) You should contact us if you have any issues with your Smartcard.

The legal fine print

13. You agree that we or any public health authority may use any contact information you give us to contact you regarding Covid-19 or any other health and safety related matter.
14. All tickets are subject to My Fast Ferry or Fantasea’s General Conditions of Carriage as published from time to time on our respective websites and all persons on board a My Fast Ferry or Fantasea vessel must comply with the applicable Code of Conduct.
15. If you tell us something or give us permission to do something in connection with your Smartcard, then we are entitled to assume that you have the right and authority to tell us that or give that permission and we are entitled to use the information and act in accordance with the permission.
16. Smartcards remain our property and must be returned to us on request.
17. We don’t guarantee that the designated point of sale terminals will always be working or be available on every vessel. If they are not working you will need to use an alternative payment method (such as a credit card).
18. Once you have acquired a Smartcard from us you can’t give it to anyone else – not even just for one trip.
19. You can only use a Smartcard to buy one ticket per service. This means that you can’t tap twice to buy two tickets.
20. You are responsible for all transactions on your Smartcard. You must keep your account passwords secure.
21. You should look after your Smartcard like you would cash. If you lose your Smartcard you should immediately tell us so the Smartcard can be suspended or cancelled and the stored value isn’t used by someone who isn’t as nice as you. You can do this online by logging into your account and following the prompts.
22. We may adjust the stored value on your Smartcard retrospectively if we discover that it is incorrect.
23. If your Smartcard has a negative balance (which usually occurs because a top-up made by credit card has been reversed) you must on demand pay us the amount of the negative balance.
24. You can apply for a refund of the stored value on your Smartcard in accordance with our Smartcard Refunds Policy which is published on our website.
25. If we think that there is something unusual or suspicions going on with a Smartcard (including where you have breached these terms and conditions) we can suspend or cancel it. We can also suspend or cancel any Smartcard if we think that it is damaged, faulty or it is reasonable to do so in all the circumstances.
26. Any Smartcard which hasn’t been used for more than 3 years may be cancelled by us. If we cancel a Smartcard because it hasn’t been used for more than 3 years all stored value on that Smartcard will be forfeited and you will not be able to get a refund of the stored value or transfer it to a new Smartcard.
27. A Smartcard which has been suspended cannot be used whist it is suspended. A Smartcard which has been cancelled can no longer be used.
28. You must co-operate with any reasonable request made by us in relation to anything related to the Smartcard and provide us with any information or assistance we reasonably ask for. You must also co-operate with and follow the instructions of any officer (such as a police officer, transit officer or ticket inspector) when on a My Fast Ferry or Fantasea vessel.
29. You must produce your Smartcard for inspection upon request.
30. You must not misuse, clone, duplicate, copy or reverse engineer your Smartcard or anyone else’s Smartcard.
31. Unless they are manifestly wrong, our records are conclusive proof of the matters to which they relate.
32. Except as provided by law, our maximum aggregate liability to you for all claims relating to the Smartcard is $200. We are not liable for any consequential loss.
33. Nothing in these terms of conditions impacts your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

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